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Harry E. Hagen - Treasurer-Tax Collector
Harry E. Hagen, CPA
Treasurer-Tax Collector

Use of this website for research is a FREE service available to all individual taxpayers and tax service agencies. Please see the “Payments” section below concerning convenience fees for making payments. All unpaid property tax bills are available online for payment and ten years of paid property tax bills are available for viewing. Tax amounts, late penalties and fees are calculated in accordance with the California State Revenue and Taxation Code.

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Important Website Disclosures

General Website Usage: Users of this service assume responsibility to enter the correct bank information. After submitting your bank information, a payment reference number will be issued. Receiving a payment reference number is not a guarantee that your payment will process successfully when the information is submitted to your bank. If the routing number or the account number is entered incorrectly, or if the account does not contain sufficient funds for settlement, the transaction may not successfully complete.

Please note: not all accounts are set up to make electronic payments. If a transaction fails it will be canceled as though no payment was attempted. If the payment is returned or remains unpaid after the delinquent date, the Tax Collector must also charge the penalties and costs required by law.

The Tax Collector does not guarantee uninterrupted availability of electronic systems. If payment is not received by the delinquent date, the taxpayer is responsible for penalties required by law.


Payments: There is no convenience fee for processing ACH (E-Check) payments.  There is a 2.34% convenience fee for processing credit card payments which is charged by our payment processing vendor.  Multiple bill installments may be paid as one payment transaction utilizing our shopping cart feature.  The current delinquent penalty for late property tax payments is 10%, which is much higher than the credit card convenience fee.

Ensure Your Payment is Made: If your payment becomes past due because of a failed transaction regardless of the date of the initial payment attempt, applicable penalties and interest may be applied. If you paid by electronic check ("E-Check") or credit card and the payment is returned or rejected for ANY reason, a returned item fee of $40 may be assessed in addition to the late penalty and fee amounts listed above if your replacement payment becomes past due.

User Accounts: Login accounts are required to pay property tax bills. Login accounts are required for payment processing. The login information collected is solely for the purpose of processing transactions. For your protection, we do not store credit card numbers or bank account information.


Mailed Payments: If you don't have your bill and wish to mail in your payment, print your payment stub from the Bills Menu and send your payment to the Treasurer-Tax Collector's office in Santa Barbara. We also accept property tax payments by telephone


Payments made on this website or via our telephone system shall be deemed received on the date the transaction was completed.

We proudly accept payments from the following sources:
Accepted payment methods - Discover, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and ACH