Payment  Paying Electronically
Making A Payment From the Website

Locate Your Property:
1. Locate your property using the search bar at the top of the page or click on your "Search History" link on the left menu if you have previously located your property. To get additional information on searching for your property, click Finding My Property.

Select Your Installments:
2. Once you have located your property, review the list of bill records associated with this property. Each bill contains a "First Installment" and "Second Installment" payment button. Each button is updated with the installment status.

 The pay-by-date text listed on the payment button is one of the following:

(A) The delinquent date if the delinquent date has not passed.
(B) The next date penalties are added if the delinquent date has passed.

Please Note: If the first and second installments are  both unpaid and you click on the second installment pay button, both installments are added to your shopping cart.

Add Installment to Shopping Cart


Review Your Shopping Cart:
3. You may review your shopping cart by selecting "Shopping Cart" from the "Main Pages" menu in the upper left of the webpage. 

Shopping Cart Image

Partial Payments (Does not apply to Secured or Supplemental Bills):
We offer partial payments on unsecured, unsecured delinquent and unsecured supplemental bill types. Current tax code does not allow for partial payments on Secured or Suplemental bills. If you wish to adjust the payment amount on one of your unsecured installments, click the "Adjust" link under the Partial Payment column (seen above).

Partial Payment Amount Image

Choose Your Payment Method:
4. Once you have reviewed your shopping cart, select "Pay by ACH" or "Pay by Credit Card " from the Payment Selector drop down and click Checkout.

Payment Method

ACH (E-Check) Checkout Instructions:
In order to pay by ACH (E-Check), you need to obtain the following details from one of your checks.
ACH (E-Check) Payment Fields
Bank Routing NumberThe bank routing number is a nine digit number on the bottom of your check. The bank routing number is usually the far left number and is surrounded by
For example: 322283796
Bank Account NumberThe account number is a three to 17 digit number on the bottom of your check that ends with , like the example below of, 0123456789 . Please ignore the check number.
Check Example Image

What to expect after payment:

1. You will see a confirmation message that the payment was successful. If the payment was not successful, you will receive an error message. If you continue to receive an error message, please call our office for assistance at 805-568-2920.
2. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided confirming your payment.
3. You can view your online payment details by clicking the "My Account" link on the left menu bar.
4. Your shopping cart will be empty.

Making a Payment from a Telephone
Before calling to make a payment choose your method of payment:

Payment Logos

Payments by Credit Card or Electronic Funds Transfer (e-Check): Toll Free (877) 399-8089 or Local (805)724-3008
Be prepared to provide your credit card billing information or bank routing/transit number, and checking (or savings) account number, as well as your payment stub number.
Also, remember that there is no service fee imposed for an electronic funds transfer. For Credit Card payments, a 2.34% fee is charged by the payment processing vendor.